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360 Booth

The 360 Booth is always a crowd pleaser! With a camera spinning 360゚around guests. This booth creates a truly immersive experience

How it Works

You and your guests will stand on a stationary platform with our camera spinning 360゚ around you. We incorporate slow motion, video effects and music to create a truly immersive photo booth experience. The result is an impressive high-resolution video created in real time which your guests can share moments after making it. 

Attendants are included to assist guests on and off the platform and to help them create and save the videos.


Setup is quick & easy. All we need is a 3 x 3 metre space, WIFI, nearby power outlet and we'll take care of the rest. 


Hop onto the platform with up to 3 others, dance away or strike a pose, grab a prop and have 360゚of fun!

iNSTANT downloads

Guests can instantly download their video via a QR code ready to share on their social media.

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