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The GlamBot is an innovative robotic arm as seen at the Oscars and Grammys! This cutting-edge technology consists of a robotic arm that records high speed footage, offering unparalleled freedom with a reach of up to 2m/6.5ft.

How it Works

You and your guests will stand in position and the robotic arm will record from a pre programmed position. It’s fully automated and we have a range of programmes to suit groups, individual portraits or to give you the paparazzi effect. We incorporate slow motion, video effects and music to offer a unique video booth moment.


Bring the red carpet to your event with the GlamBot


Event name, details, logos can be added to the final videos

iNSTANT downloads

Guests can instantly view their video at our viewing station and immediately download it via AirDrop, email or QR code.  

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